To get better at golf is simply a matter of practicing … and practicing. The coined term is ‘Deliberate Practice’ whereby you practice outside of your normal comfort zone.  Throw a golf lesson with a pro in there and you are well on your way to improving your game.

Best Golf Lessons in Sydney!

These 5 practice drills are just a snap shot of what our team of accredited PGA professionals can help to improve your game – and at Thornleigh we offer a range of the golf lessons to suit (mixed, women’s, juniors and group classes).

  1. Rehearse your full swing. Before you go all gung ho on the driving range, take one deliberate full swing practice before the actual shot. Practice exactly what movement you are focusing on improving. This will ensure better muscle memory and reinforce the new motor skill.
  2. Deliberate practice has to be continual – for example, if you want to improve your short putt, made it a goal to putt from 3 feet – straight into the hole 50 times in a row. If you miss, go back and start from zero again. Yep, it ain’t easy, but it’s not meant to be!
  3. Bunker practice – choose a radius on the green that you want the ball to land. Practice this shot giving yourself 2 points every time you land within your radius – until you hit 30 points.
  4. Spend more time on range practicing your short irons. 80% of your shots are hit from within 120m of the flag and your practice should reflect this. Too many players hit the majority of their balls with the driver, and subsequently their scores reflect this.
  5. Topping the ball along the ground is not caused by ‘lifting your head’, it is a result of you not controlling the lowest part of your clubs swing. Use practice swings to get the feel of the club ‘skimming the ground’ as this is an essential part of hitting a good shot with every club except your driver off the tee.