Australian Mini Golf Championship is on for 2018!!

This is YOUR chance to win a share of $3,500!! Yes, ANYONE, literally anyone can enter to play (and WIN some cash and prizes) in our Australian Mini Golf Championship – being held at Thornleigh Golf Centre on Sunday, 11th November.

All registered participants please arrive at 8.30am sharp!

Tournament Prizes up for grabs!

  • First place receives $1,500, trophy and a place in our hall of fame!
  • Second place – $800
  • Third place – $600
  • Fourth place – $400
  • Fifth place – $200
  • Junior Category ‘Best under 12’s (Boy and girl) – 12-month mini golf pass and a trophy.
  • All registered juniors will receive a prize of some kind on the day!

REGISTER HERE to enter – hurry as places are limited! Remember – this competition is for all ages and abilities and anyone can enter and be in to win!!

Mini Golf Competition

Mini Golf (or Putt Putt as some may call it) is a really fun game for all ages and abilities.  This mini golf tournament is not your usual game of golf.  Mini golf is a hugely different game, which takes different skill sets.

Anyone can win here – you could even win against a professional! So don’t delay – enter now!!

Last year’s event was a sensational fun filled day with Allan Cox  taking out the tournament title for 2017. The top five players will receive cash prizes for their efforts on the courses. All registered junior (under 12) players will receive a prize on the day too!


For many of us, mini-golf is an outdoor recreational activity played on windmill themed courses during our sun-drenched beach holidays away with the family.  Any hole-in-ones (played in thongs and boardies) — sunk with those fluoro coloured balls — are usually accidents of fate to be marvelled at afterward over ice cream and lollies.

Mini Golf Championships

But unlike the Masters Tournament played at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, mini-golf competitions are inclusive of all genders, ages and nationalities.  To turn ‘Pro’ one needs to only register, sign up and pay the fee.  In fact, Olivia Prokopova, a 17-year-old from the Czech Republic, won the sport’s Masters in 2013.

Here’s some tips on how to become a great Mini-Golfer!

  • Know the course. Practice, practice, practice. All registered players can practice out on the mini golf courses for free anytime in the lead up to the event from Mon 5th Nov – Friday 9th Nov.
  • Learn exactly where you need to bank a shot. Depending on what obstacles or materials are used – you can learn how to bank the shot to get the ball to where you need it.
  • Watch your speed.  Speed is a crucial factor in a successful hole.  Even on the more difficult holes, it’s really important to estimate the speed correctly, because if you miss, at least you’ll have an easy 2nd putt.

SHOWTIME! Once the competition begins, put all your practice, knowledge of the course, speed and ensuring you hit the ball exactly where you want it to go – and who knows … you may win the tournament! Or at least a tasty lunch at the café afterwards.

You can view the event details for the Thornleigh Golf Centre Australian Mini Golf Championship now – the event is being held on Sunday, 11th November… so be in to win cash prizes of up to $3,500!! Like and share our Facebook Event page amongst all of your friends and family to get everyone involved for a great day out!