Cheap Golf?

Are you looking for cheap golf options in Sydney? The best way to improve any skill is to practice! You can buy as many golf groupons you like and hope on the day you want to book it isn’t raining or boiling hot or booked out for a corporate golf day, or you can secretly head out to Australia’s best driving range at Thornleigh Golf Centre. You can practice till your heart is content under our undercover and fully weather resistance hitting bays. Given our golf driving range is orientated East–West, you can also avoid hitting the ball into the sun on a hot day!

Often tagged as the “prestigious sport”, with many golf clubs often considered too posh to let visitors come in for a single round of golf – especially one that charges like a wounded bull. So avoid that, and try a normal-man/woman method of improving your golf afterall “They say golf is like life, but don’t believe them. Golf is more complicated than that.”~Gardner Dickinson.

So why Thornleigh Golf Centre?

  • Covered hitting bays so perfect for any weather
  • Perfect facing to avoid afternoon sun in your eyes
  • Two level hitting bays
  • 20 hitting bays on each level with auto teeing on the lower level
  • A cafe – just in case you need to step away 😉
  • A family affair – you can get your swing moving and the kids can have a try at one of our 18 hole mini golf courses
  • Golf retail therapy just 5 paces back from the range – just in case you need to step away 😉
  • Cheap golf options eg a bucket of balls starts at just $12
  • Technology to improve your game of golf with Trackman Golfing Aid.
  • The ability to have a hit at night, after work – in the dark – try and do that on another golf course

So come and visit Australia’s best driving range – no cheaper way to improve your golf!