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Trackman™ – it’s really got to be the best Golf training aid and it’s available at Thornleigh Golf Centre

So why should you have a lesson on TrackMan™? Well that’s simple; TrackMan™ eliminates the guesswork and only gives you the facts! In golf, we instructors have a term that we use frequently “Feel isn’t real….!” What that basically means is that whatever the standard of player you are, generally what you feel and what you actually do are two totally different things. TrackMan™ is just like a lab technician; it simply gives Physics data for every shot you hit.

TrackMan™ measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards.

Around the world every week on the PGA, LPGA and European Tour, the world’s greatest players use TrackMan™. They test and tweak their clubs with it, practice approach shots, check gaps, or use it for shot analysis. During the majors, the PGA and R&A choose TrackMan™ to monitor player performance during the tournaments, while broadcast TV uses it to add value to their coverage.

When a player hits a shot, TrackMan™ measures 26 individual parameters (seen below) giving the player valuable data regarding their flight and swing. When a Certified Instructor then explains this data to the player they can exponentially improve their fundamental understanding of ALL the cause and effect relationships that exist in their golf swing.

As you go through the learning process of understanding the data and feedback with TrackMan™ you will develop a better foundation of knowledge which will enable you assess what happened on each shot, more importantly knowing where your “miss” on the golf course comes from and how to correct it immediately.

TrackMan™ uses the same military Doppler radar technology that tracks a missile in flight. Engineers in Denmark adapted the missile tracking technology producing a product capable of tracking a live golf ball in flight making TrackMan™ the most accurate radar technology on the planet. TrackMan™ is the ONLY radar technology on the market which tracks a ball in flight from start to finish.

TrackMan™ Data Parameters Explained

Club Speed: 
Club speed measured just before impact. Club speed varies a lot between the different tour players. Currently, Bubba Watson is among the players with the highest driver club speed – averaging around 124 mph. The Tour Pro Average is 113 mph for a Driver and 95 mph for a 5 iron.

Vertical Swing Plane: 
The angle of the swing plane of the club head seen from ground and up. A high value is a steep swing plane – Low value is a flat swing plane. The primary goal is to have a consistent vertical swing plane. Tour Pro Average with the Driver is 48 degrees

Horizontal Swing Plane: 
The swing plane of the club head – seen from above. Orientation left/ right measured in relation to the target Line. Positive value means swing plane orientation toward the right (inside/out for right handed player) and a negative value means orientation towards the left (outside/in).

Attack Angle: 
The angle with which the club head is “attacking” the ball just before impact – measured in relation to ground level. Negative value is hitting down on the ball, and positive is hitting up on the ball.

Dynamic Loft: 
The dynamic or effective loft of the club at the point of impact on the clubface – calculated relative to vertical. When hitting down on the ball, the dynamic loft will normally be less than the static loft of the club.

Club Path: 
The club head path measured at impact. Positive value if club head is moving to the right (inside/out for right handed player) and negative value is a club head moving to the left through impact. A shot with a Club Path value between -1 to +1 degree is considered to be straight towards the target.

Face Angle: 
The club head angle calculated at impact on the clubface relative to the target line. A positive value indicates the Club head is open at impact, a negative value indicates the Club head is closed at impact

Ball Speed: 
Ball speed measured just after impact. A high ball speed is desired for distance. Factors that influence ball speed are club head speed, impact location on the club, the dynamic loft, and the attack angle also play a role in producing the ball speed.

Spin Rate: 
The launch spin measured just after impact. Spin is of major importance for the carry distance and launch angle for high-speed shots – a drive in particular. To maximize the driving distance a combination of high launch angle and low spin is needed.

Smash Factor: 
Ball speed divided by Club speed. It represents the ability to transfer power from the club to the ball. 1.48 is maximum for a driver (COR regulated)

Spin Axis: 
The spin axis is the axis around which the ball is spinning. The tilting of the axis dictates if the ball will draw or fade. The value is +/- in degrees relative to the horizon. Positive value when the ball is going right – and negative when it’s going left.

Vertical Launch Angle: 
The launch angle measured just after impact in relation to the horizon. The optimal launch angle for a driver is individual for each player and is primarily dictated by club speed and attack angle. The TrackMan™ driver fitting application takes the mystery out of finding the optimal launch angle for each player.

Horizontal Launch Angle: 
The launch angle measured just after impact in relation to target line.

Maximum Height: 
The measured maximum height of the ball during the ball flight. The height of golf shots is more or less the same for every club in the bag. Landing Angle: 
The measured landing angle in relation to the horizon. Keep it below 40 degrees for a driver to increase roll out. Get it higher than 55 degrees for control on approach shots. The average for a Tour Player with the driver is 39 degrees

The carry – measured to same level as launch (carry flat). Tour Pro Average – Driver: 262 yds

Carry Side: 
The carry side – measured in relation to target line

Total distance: 
equals carry plus calculated bounce and roll.

Total Side: 
The total side (left or right) calculated in relation to target line.

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