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Son of a lifelong British PGA Professional, it was little wonder that Jason was swinging a club from the age of 3 years old! By his mid-teens it was clear that the rapid improvement as a junior would lead to a career in the game of golf. It soon became clear that the lesson tee would be his home. With a deep passion for teaching and understanding players and his interesting and direct style, Jason has always achieved results with all levels of golfer.

Published and endorsed by his peers, Jason arrives from Europe’s only Nike Golf Academy. With over 20 years of professional experience and more than 20,000 lessons behind him, Jason is a modern, forward-thinking coach who’s always looking for the fastest way to help players – whether a beginner or fellow professionals – you will improve!

Having worked closely with Trackman & European Tour coach Mark Pearson, Jason experienced at first hand the latest in Golf Coaching. An expert in high-speed video analysis and launch monitor data, Jason is one of Australia’s pioneering coaches that use Trackman data to help players reach their goals faster.

Jason says…

“ From my perspective, Trackman offers a unique view of things we cannot usually see or understand, it gives facts, and from there onwards we do not spend any time working on anything that will not make your game better. For years as coaches we have used the term ‘feel isn’t real’ and the data I will show you will back this up. The way Trackman helps me develop golfers of all levels has blown me away and after 20 years of coaching without it that is a big statement! You may not have experienced this kind of lesson before, but I guarantee once you have you will never look back! ”

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