Golf Ball Landing Angle – what is it?

Recent technology changes in irons has seen a significant move towards faster ball speeds and stronger lofts to help distance; this is to the detriment of a key green hitting factor called ‘golf ball landing angle’. This is the angle that the ball depends from its Apex to the green.

Tour average and what most club manufacturers would like to see with a 6 iron, is an angle of about 50 degrees.

As we all don’t have that type of club head speed, we should look for somewhere between 45-50 degrees. This is where clubs off the rack may have you hitting a club longer, however coming in so flat that the ball doesn’t stop on the green! If you do like these new style of clubs, make sure the shaft marries up with your swing speed so your landing angle has you stopping next to the pin.

Click Here to view a demonstration video on the topic.