Wet Weather Tips

Whether you have a friendly game organised, a fundraising tournament or more serious game of golf planned, and the weather takes a turn for the worst, golfers find themselves in one of three possible categories:
Stay at home until the rain stops – this is fine for the casual game, but for a tournament, this usually isn’t possible.
Another group may head out in the wild weather with a negative attitude and complain about high scores and bad shots.
The third group will add the incremental weather as a shift in their playing behaviour and take this on board. Of course, higher scores and off shots will be par of the course, but for much of it, it’s the mental attitude that has to do with playing good golf in wet weather.

Jack Nicklaus quotes for playing in wet weather:

“Rhythm and tempo take on extra importance when you’re being bullied by the elements. With rain running down your neck, you subconsciously risk hurrying both your setup and your swing. In those circumstances I try to make a conscious effort to get properly settled over the ball, then to swing as smoothly and fully as possible. Two of my key thoughts at such times are: ‘Make a deliberate takeaway’ and ‘Complete the backswing.’ ”

Obviously there are some other tips you can take into account when playing in the rain:

  • Wet weather gear to keep yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • Pack an umbrella, extra towels and gloves. Helps to wipe your hands and grips before each shot on a dry towel.
  • A rain cover to keep your golf bag dry.

Playing a game of golf in the wet weather need not be a chore! Attitude, planning and appropriate wear will have you playing your best regardless of what mother nature brings.