Golf Tips by Steve

Here’s a few golf tips by our resident golf Pro Steve.

Green light… Red Light. When to go at the flag and when to play safe.  After a fairly wet Autumn/Winter, many of my students have been having trouble hitting shots of thin muddy lies.  If your ball is sitting down in a muddy lie, or where the grass is thin, you will end up hitting the ball left to right for a right handed player, so you need to allow for it.

If the flag is on the left side of the green and the wind is moving from left to right, you have no chance of even hitting the green.

Next time you are in this predicament, toe your club in, and swing to the right of the flag. That way the toe of the club will get under the ball and impart some hook spin that will straighten your ball flight.

Feel free to ask any of our professional staff on how you can best approach these shots.

Happy Golfing