The Benefits of Group Golf Lessons

Did you know that on average, the golfer who participates in group golf lessons improves more than a private one-on-one lesson? Yes, it’s true! Now this is based on the average group lesson participate versus the average private lesson golfer.

What is the reasoning behind this? How can a golfer in group lesson environment pick up better, more useful and practical skills than that of a personalised instruction?

  1. The feeling of being of the same calibre as those within your group. This gives a person a ‘comparable’ feeling that they are doing well within their ability level.
  2. Often in a group lesson, simple golf biomechanics are taught rather than the more complex that are required in a one-to-one session.
  3. A golfer with get more practice in a group session, more time to swing, to hit and to watch how others are doing the same moves.

The time spent actually hitting shots is a big reason also, as they say … practice makes perfect! Repetition, repetition and more repetition is key to a good golf swing, and in a group lesson, this is more often than in a one-to-one setting.

Also, hitting a target is more beneficial sometimes, than just rehearsing golf movements and trajectory shots (which are often the case in personalised lessons).  It is also good to be able to see others succeed (and fail) and that you are not the only one!!

So if the wallet doesn’t allow a regular personalised golf lesson, don’t despair … the group lessons are beneficial, fun and you can become a greater golfer perhaps more quickly!

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