The wind! How does it affect your golf?

“Many of you will regularly tee the ball up on the weekend in the comp and feel the wind in your face. But how much does it actually affect your shots? Well the team at TrackMan have done some research in an effort to get some actual data on the subject, and the results will most probably astound you!

On a day with a light breeze, say 10km/h, the effect is slight and equal whether you are playing into the wind or down wind with roughly a half club change in either direction. However, the results are quite staggering as the wind increases. At 25km/h the separation is noticeable with a headwind hurting by 2 clubs but only helping in the opposite direction by just 1 club. Now if you play golf by the coast or in the hills, then the next set of numbers should really be of interest. A 40km/h headwind shortens the distance your irons fly by an incredible 4 clubs!!! Whilst still only helping by just over 1 club length at just 11 metres of assistance.

Swinging harder into the wind is not the answer either. Generally this will increase the club head speed and spin rate further and may end up hurting you more. Essentially the best thing you can do into the wind is take more club and swing slower. This will help you to launch the ball lower and reduce your spin rate but increase your ball speed which is the perfect mix in to the wind. Certainly something to keep in mind the next time you feel that breeze pick up!”

Jason Wood
PGA Professional – Thornleigh Golf Centre
TrackMan Certified Instructor