Kids Golf – What is a good age to begin golf with young children?

Firstly, you’re not missing the boat if you don’t get your kids golf lessons at a tender age. Kids are not going to learn any un-breakable bad golf habits if they go out and have a good time with their parents at the local golf course. The most important thing is that the kids are having a good time and enjoying themselves.

There are some professional golfers who have made a huge success of their skill learnt from an early age. Pro golfers such as Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson began playing golf as kids, and were competitors for many years – from kids through to their pro playing days. Of course Tiger Woods has to be mentioned here – a child prodigy, he was introduced to the game before he was age 2 and one of the most successful golfers of all time. Jack Nicklaus began his career a little later – at age 10 but is widely regarded as the greatest professional golfer of all time, winning a total of 18 career major championships.

Generally speaking, formal instruction usually begins at about age 6. For the real littlies, the basic’s like how to grip a golf shaft — a 10-finger baseball grip with their thumbs pointing down the shaft is what we recommend for these wee-fingered children. And we stress they should keep their feet still when they swing. Beyond that, there isn’t much else to tell them. Except to have fun!

To enhance the game of golf for kids we have found a few things you can do with them (from any age) that they will thoroughly enjoy if you hope to return to the golf course one day with them in the future:

  1. Make GOLF FUN.
  2. Use minimal instruction.
  3. Play 3 holes on the practice putting green.
  4. Take them to a lake or pond with a 100 golf balls. Kids LOVE smacking balls into water. Try and use only half the balls so you have a reason to return (just make sure no one else is watching!).
  5. Bring one of their mates. A friend makes it much more fun. You may only get 10 or 20 minutes of focussed hitting, but they will have a ball.
  6. Play a game of mini golf as part of your visit. Kids love competing – our mini Golf courses here at Thornleigh Golf Centre are fantastic with heaps of fun, interactive obstacles.

So really – as long as the child is walking, there really is not age limit on when or how they should learn golf.. keep it fun and interesting and hopefully they gain a real interest in this wonderful sport.

We also have fantastic (and very popular) school holiday clinics, a great way for kids to learn about golf in a fun and interactive, outdoor environment.

Kids Golf