Ladies Golf at Thornleigh Golf Centre

Ladies, ever wanted to try to learn how to play golf? Ladies golf lessons at Thornleigh Golf Centre has got the answer. We deliver ladies golf instruction in a fun and interactive environment with focus being on participation as well as technique. Thornleigh provides a fun and friendly way to familiarise yourself with the skills required to play golf.

Thornleigh Golf Centre offers a fantastic atmosphere, with focus on a friendly environment for ladies golf. Our staff at the centre are enthusiastic and passionate to improve your understanding of golf and the game you can deliver.

Thornleigh Golf CentreOur ladies golf include clinics and private lessons are available for all abilities and levels – mum’s, executive women, social players or even existing members.  Thornleigh Golf Centre is the ideal place for women to meet new friends, learn and improve on their technique, but most importantly, have fun and enjoy the wonderful game of golf! Outdoors, fresh air, there really is no better way to spend a morning (or afternoon) walking (great exercise) and playing our fabulous course at Thornleigh.

With the group clinics we offer motor skill development, loads of time hitting shots and the chance to see your friends succeed (and fail) right next to you.

Thornleigh offers a range of clinics to suit any level.  The introduction clinic is ideal for beginners focusing on the basics of grip, set up, posture and swing. The Clinics are a fun way to interact with other golfers of the same skill level, participate in fun challenges, learn new drills and overall – swing into all things golf. This is a great pathway to the next level of clinics which are on the course.

So come along ladies and enjoy learning about the great game of golf in a fun and friendly environment! After your lesson, have a relaxing refreshment at our wonderful Bunker Café, with your newly made friends for a coffee and sweet treat.