So you go to the range, hit balls till your hands bleed, go to the course and it all unravels. Does this sound familiar?

This is probably the most feedback I get when talking to players on the range. Sure, they put in the work but are they actually making the most of their practice?

There are mainly two reasons why this happens, one being that you are practicing the wrong swing mechanics with no checks in place to keep you on track, the other is you take all the swing thoughts you have on the range with you to the golf course. These are two very different issues, so let’s start with the first.

If you haven’t had a lesson, then you should. If you think you can see something on the internet and make it work for your swing, you are wrong. You need advice on what suits your swing and stature. Your golf professional can not only identify what you need to work on, he or she will also give you some practice drills to do while you’re hitting all those balls, so you are gaining the correct feel for you to make your swing develop.

While you’re practicing, put some checks in place so you keep reminding yourself the right way for your swing. Put some alignment sticks down (fig 1 in article); this not only helps your alignment – which during a practice session can very easily go off target – but also helps your eye as you swing the club down the target line.

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