Golf Tips – Mastering that high, soft bunker shot


For the amateur golfer, a bunker shot is one of the most daunting parts of the game. But with a very simple left arm rotation, you will be amazed how easy it can be.

Lose the fear by looking at the pictures. Simply take your normal grip as shown in picture one and ensure the club face is square. Now observe picture 2, this simple move of rotating your left arm to the right and keeping it locked in that position, has now opened the club face.

Now here is the trick… just place your right hand on the club with your normal grip, as you can see in picture three. Look at the club face now; it is still very open.

Keep your left arm locked in this position and just simply swing at the ball. By keeping your left arm locked in the “rotated” position, it is impossible to scoop or over rotate the club at impact. Picture four illustrates how the club face has been forced to stay open after impact because of your left arm rotation. This ensures maximum use of the club’s bounce and loft resulting in a high and soft shot.

Grant Kenny
PGA Advanced Level Coach