Sydney’s Best Night Driving Range!

Autumn evenings have to be one of the best times of the year.  Calm, cool and serene evenings.  You’ve had a tough day at work right?  Studies have shown that a hit of golf can lift your spirit – increasing the endorphin’s to your brain, which helps to promote a more positive and happier outlook.

Being one of the BEST driving range’s in Sydney, and open till 9.30 pm every night, Thornleigh Golf Centre is the perfect place to pull in on your way home from work and having an hour of swinging at that little white ball.  We are known as one of Sydney’s best driving range facilities of night golf.  It all begins with our fully covered hitting bays and excellent night lighting, regardless of the weather, you can have a hit.

Maybe you’ve had a stressful day at work, the weather is just pelting down outside and to clear your head, you’d love nothing more than to whack a bucket of golf balls as hard and as far as possible.  Some say the act of driving a golf club onto a ball can be very therapeutic – check out this article on the benefits of playing golf . We at TGC agree with this mantra! We can guarantee that you will be feeling a happier and more calm person on your way out than on your way in to our golf centre.

The benefits of golf practice and stress reduction share a close relationship. Playing regular golf is fantastic for your health and includes benefits such as:

  • It can improve muscle tone and endurance
  • By simply being in the great outdoors and fresh air will better your mood
  • A great way to meet new friends, or do something with a family member to ‘connect’
  • The reduction of stress and anxiety.

Our driving range is complete with undercover hitting bays, so it doesn’t matter if it’s rain, hail or shine.  Need some stress relief on a Monday night? Our range is open till 9.30pm during the week, and a great place to swing by on your way home for a hit.  Our bucket prices means more hits (a large bucket of balls is only $19 for 110 balls!) … meaning more relief and feel that anxiety just fly into the air with the hit of the ball.

night golfAs well as undercover bays, 20 of them are equipped with auto-tee technology – this system tees up a golf ball every 4 seconds – reducing your need to bend over each time to tee up, you can hit more golf balls which improves muscle memory and improve your confidence and ability.

So next time you have that day from hell, why not drop into Thornleigh Golf Centre for a hit – our night driving range is packed full of fun, and you can get rid of your stress and anxiety in a mere bucket of balls!