Club Fitter – Wedge gapping… the importance of having the same style of wedge

What does that mean you say…?

Recently, I had a customer who wasn’t spinning his 56 degree wedge as much as he would have liked and was hitting his 52 as far as his 56. His wedge set up consisted of the following items:

  • 45 degree ping G30
  • 52 degree SM5 Vokey
  • 56 degree ping G30
  • 58 degree SM5 Vokey

Basically, the 56 degree wedge is made for distance and didn’t have specialised milled grooves for more spin and control. So we overcame this by putting a 54 degree SM5 wedge as a replacement.

Unfortunately now the lofts were too close, so we had to bend the wedges with our lie and loft machine to ensure the clubs had precise lofts. The new set up is as follows:

  • 45 degree ping G30
  • 52 degree bent to 51 degrees
  • 54 degree bent to 55 degrees
  • 58 degree bent to 59 degrees

A great outcome for the customer after meeting with Pete the Master Fitter. It turned out he played 39 points at his first competition round.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like some friendly, professional advice from the TGC team on what works best with your club gear set up.