The modern method of pitching a ball is to use less wrists and make it a more arm and chest turn which helps keep the arc shallower, a little like a sweeping action on the turf and using the bounce of the club.

Some golfers find this method a little frustrating because for years they have used their wrists to pitch or chip the ball and as we get older this sometimes turns into a flinch at impact when now they are taught not to release the hands.

Some of the best pitchers of a golf ball over the years that I have seen do use some wrist, using their right hand to hit against their left, so let me show you how!

Firstly, the setup is important, feet close together, ball in the middle with your hands slightly in front of the clubhead. Now notice in Fig 1, my weight is on my left leg with my legs angled forward and my spine angle tilted back towards my right leg.

Secondly, in Fig 2, I take the club away using both arms and a wrist hinge but my weight stays on the left side

Thirdly, as in Fig3, I turn my hips to the left as I bring my arms back to the ball and release the right hand against the left. It feels like your right hand is hitting into your left but not letting the left wrist break down thru impact. A good image is that you could put a glass of water on the clubface after impact, in other words you have not let the clubface turn over keeping the clubface square to your target.

This method means that you can use your right hand at impact and find the release you need to feel. You will also find that when correctly executed, the ball has some very useful backspin on it which will give you greater control.

Good Golfing

Allan May
PGA Certified Advance Level Coach