Family Friend Golf is Putt Putt Mini Golf (Perfect for School Holidays with the Family!)

If you’ve never played putt putt golf, it’s time to pick up a putter and enjoy some laughs with the little ones. The aim of this family friendly golf game is to putt your ball through the course with the lowest number of attempts. Courses are often themed such as our own ‘Palms’ and ‘Billabong’ and you will have to navigate your ball past numerous obstacles including tunnels, bridges and bunkers. Whether you keep score or not, putt putt golf is heaps of fun for kids of all ages (and big kids too!). If your child is old enough to hit a ball with a putter, they are old enough to play putt putt golf.

As well as being a great family bonding activity, putt putt golf is also useful for improving your coordination, spatial awareness, and encouraging concentration and persistence. It will also help in learning the biomechanics of the sport, such as holding the putter correctly. Scoring can be used as a simple mathematical exercise for children .. the learning never ends! You may even spark a love of putt putt golf as a sport! Believe it or not, there are local, national and international tournaments to compete in (including our very own Mini Golf Australian Championship). Clubs and balls are hired at reception, but don’t forget to pack a hat, sunscreen and water bottle, or enjoy a refreshing drink at our Bunker Café.

putt putt golf