A good method to develop your feel for speed is to set yourself on a practice putting green with three holes at three different distances. With a bunch of balls, hit putts to the three different lengths, but never the same distance two in a row. Now when you’re putting these, take your eyes off the ball and once you have aligned your putter to the target, turn your head and look at the hole while you putt. (Refer to image below)

This takes the focus off your putting stroke and makes you focus on the speed that the ball is travelling. When you throw a ball at a target, you aren’t looking at the ball but instead, you focus on your target. When you’re putting your target is the hole, not the ball.

Some players, including Jordan Speith, look at the hole when they putt on shorter putts, then focus on their target and not their stroke.

Once you get the confidence to do this, your speed and line will most certainly improve.


Good Golfing,
Allan May – PGA Coach