Golf Team Building Ideas

Understanding, cooperation and respect are all vital elements to successful professional relationships and team building skills, however achieving this in the daily grind can be easier said than done. The workplace can be an interesting place – you may be forced to forge relationships with people you might otherwise never have crossed paths with and have very little in common with outside of the cubicles. Team building is a very effective way to ensure staff and the boss are both happy in the workplace and is proven to increase motivation and trust among employees and directly contributes to increased productivity. Here are some of the best tips for team building:

Workshop it – have a staff workshop session on what they think they need to get out of a team building. The session will promote team building while also asking staff where they think there are areas that need to be strengthened. Very simple and easy to organize – just get some butchers paper, markers and allow free ideas to flow. Less conflict, greater collaboration, less turf wars, work smarter not harder, camaraderie, inclusivity, value, less ego more positive work environment – words will appear and you’ll get a real sense of how staff are feeling.

Out of the office day – organize a day trip where employees to get to know each other outside of the work context and let barriers and formalities relax a little. Carefully think about what sort of activity will be appropriate for your team and think about whether it will really initiate team building. Look for group activities such golfing. However, avoid isolating activities like golf on a 18 hole course and opt for a mini golf or driving range with a pro instead as it’s easier to keep everyone together and feeling collegiate.

Informality – make an announcement promoting a move away from traditional stuffy workplaces and create informal interactions through all levels of staff. It will encourage open workplace communication and appreciation for everyone’s efforts towards shared results. Be mindful that you still highlight the importance of respect and etiquette though as it can be a slippery slope to over-familiarity.

Tea room sessions – get out of the boardroom and into the tearoom for more relaxed round table discussions. Let all staff have an open floor to provide feedback and opinions in a comfortable and informal setting, but set boundaries to avoid bitching and whining. Also initiate group celebrations of people’s achievements on all levels of the team and don’t limit the type either. Celebrating everyone’s contribution to the team no matter how big or small with encourage people to appreciate each others skills and efforts. If you want to get everyone out of the office, make it a tea room session out of the office at a local cafe or coffee spot or breakfast venue, staff will definitely increase productivity if there is caffeine and food to be had. Sometimes just talking with the team about how to bring the team together will actually bring people together – two birds, one stone.

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