There is a difference in Golf Ball Quality! – by Pete, the Master Fitter


“I don’t need anything good, I lose them a lot!” or “It won’t matter to me what type they are”.

These are pretty typical statements I hear when people are purchasing golf balls.

The fact is, having the right golf ball for you will increase enjoyment of the game.

A prime example is my Mum. 75 years old, she plays 3 times a week at Goulburn Golf Centre. The short par 3 8th has a water carry that dear old mum just couldn’t get over!

3 times a week I would receive a phone call saying, “If I can just get over that damn water hazard!”

My dear old mum couldn’t quite get over the hazard, so she would use an older ball thinking this would work better. Once she told me this, I gave her a dozen golf balls that actually suited slower swing speeds. You see, if you don’t create power… you won’t be able to compress most golf balls and achieve the distance required.

She has since given the new golf balls a go and in three months, her handicap has come down to 35. She has also gained 15m off the tee and is loving golf.

Now I’m not allowed to visit her unless I bring a Dozen Callaway Supersoft Balls!

Feel free to ask me what type would suit your game and budget!

Happy Golfing!