Top 10 Hole in One Shots

A hole-in-one is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity. As part of a fundraiser, a competition or golf tournament (check out this first of its kind hole-in-one competition in New Zealand – for both amateurs and pro’s) there will be a 3-par tee that has your name on it … or not. A hole-in-one is like the elusive win. Jubilation and exhilaration are usually the emotions that come to mind when watching someone score that lucky one shot – you don’t even need to win the game to feel elated!

Here we have chosen some magic shots that are great to watch – and maybe give you that drive you need to succeed!

Our Top 10 Hole in Ones

1. Rory Mcllroy – Abu Dubai (16th Jan 2015):

2. Ok so this is cheating (yes, it’s a movie) but the Happy Gilmour shot is one to be remembered. Hilarious!

3. Here we have a Top 10 of lucky bounce hole-in-one shots:

4. Outback golf fundraiser … and a whopping million dollar prize!

5. Tiger Woods just has to be in here – a 2011 shot from a Phoenix tournament:

6. So a hole-in-one doesn’t need to mean a par-3, check out the perfect hole-in-one mini putt at Sydney’s Thornleigh Golf Centre!

7. This Richard Green shot is crazy and definitely one to watch!!

8. This one the ball literally skips across the water before landing the hole-in-one … crazy!!

9. Gregory Havret hole-in-one made him a very happy golfer!

10. And lucky last is Australian’s own Aaron Baddeley had an astounding hit on the par-4 in San Antonio – getting a birdie (336 yards). So it’s not a hole-in-one but it’s pretty amazing considering it was a shot from within the woods —

So dust off those golf clubs … and even if you spend most of the time throwing the irons in frustration rather than hitting the balls, who knows … that elusive Hole-In-One could be just around the corner!!