Golf – funny game at times isn’t it!

These are Kate at Thornleigh Golf Centre’s take on the Top 5 Golf Blunders of All Time from the professionals … of course there are many more, but these, we deem, are the biggest AND most interesting (ok, funny and OMG type interesting).

1. Roberto De Vicenzo, 1968 Masters

After finishing birdie-bogey, De Vicenzo apparently was headed for a playoff with Bob Goalby to determine the champion. So upset was he by the final-hole bogey that the Argentinian mistakenly carded a 4 rather than the 3 he actually scored on the 17th hole. Before realizing the error, De Vicenzo signed the incorrect scorecard, thereby incurring a one-stroke penalty.

2. Arnold Palmer – 1966 US Open

Held a 7 shot lead with nine holes to play .. thinking that this competition was ‘in the bag’ he focused on breaking the record instead. Big mistake. He bogeyed 3 holes in a row, and his competitor Billy Casper birdied 2 holes along the same stretch. To cut a long story short – Palmer choked – losing the competition by 4 shots and Casper’s fantastic play won him his second Open.

3. Billy Casper – 2005 Masters

Ok, so Billy Casper has just been deemed the winner above. But in 2005 (and at age 73 who are we to judge?!), playing in his last major and Masters for a first round score of 106.

4. Sergio Garcia – 1999 British Open

As a 19 year old and his first major tournament as a pro-golfer he quickly made a very bad introduction into the world of non-amateur golf. He shot a miserable round 83 and breaking 90 the following day to finish in last place.

5. Greg Norman – 1996 Masters

Greg started his 96 Masters on a roll – with a 63 in round one. Entering the final round with a 6 shot lead over Nick Faldo. This is where it all goes down hill. Norman ended up with 5 bogeys and 2 double bogeys. Not something you can get over easily. On No. 12 his tee shot went into the water, ending the 6 shot lead into a 5 shot deficit.

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