Our Master Club Fitter Talks About Wedge Gapping

Pete…. our master club fitter is answering all the hard questions about Wedge Gapping

“Too often I see people concerned with the loft of their driver, thinking they will hit 10 yards further with 9.5, rather than 10.5. I ask them what they will use if they do hit it longer. Most people say “a Sand Wedge”. I ask them, “What loft is your Sand Wedge?” They respond with “Not sure?!?”

Actually, 70% of the game is 100 yards in. Wedge Gapping is very overlooked.

Most pitching wedges are 44-46 degrees and the Sand Wedge in most sets are 56 degrees. The wedges that are the same as your set are made for distance so the groove pattern is not as sharp or as deep to help create spin.

Using tour style wedges, which are not too advanced for the average golfer, has quite the opposite effect. Groove patterns in most tour style wedges are different, depending on the type of loft and bounce. For example, your 52 will have less sharp groves as you use this club for fuller shots. More lofted clubs will have sharper cut grooves so the ball won’t roll up the face as much and will help create more back spin closer to the green.”

An example of a good wedge Gapping

46 deg PW

52 deg SW



46 deg Pw

50 deg SW

54 deg LW

This will depend on your type of short shot play. If you like to hit full shots you will need more wedges, whereas, if you can hit half shots, you can do with less.


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