So you’ve hit buckets of balls but the consistency is just not there with your ball striking. Does that sound like you?…

If you read my last article on correct alignment with your chip shots and putting, this next article is simply an extension of that theory. But this time it is about your long shots.
The number one rule to good ball striking is to ensure the ball is coming off the club face from the right spot.

But how do you know this?… It’s easy really, just place a line on the club as in illustration one (below) with a non permanent marker then apply some masking tape to the club. Place a line on your ball as well.

Now square the line on your ball up to the line on your clubface, as shown in illustration two.

After you swing the club, check where the mark is on your ball. Is it in the middle of the club face? For most amateurs the answer would be no, and it probably looks like the mark as shown in illustration three.

The reasons for this incorrect ball striking position are numerous. If after trying to fix it yourself you don’t succeed, the answer lies in having a lesson. Video analysis will show you exactly where you’re going wrong and get those scores lower.

Grant Kenny
PGA Coach